Monday, September 14, 2015

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Date September 14, 2015 Vol 1, Number 1

I am excited to share with you the healing power of gratitude.  I have experienced more joy in the last few years through declaring and speaking words of gratitude daily. . I have through gratitude been able to surmount many obstacles and become happier than ever before. you too can use the healing power of gratitude to make your life more joyful.

Why be grateful?

Gratitude is a healer. Being grateful heals you. You and I are seeking a potentiated life where we can experience joy. And you and I as gratitude healers must train to become effective in meeting the needs of those who need healing of the spirit. If someone comes to you with their despair, you can do more than listen. You will learn how to build their self-esteem, change their outlook on the events in their life, and how they can become positive and attract more positive things into their life. To do this, we  learn how to flex and exercise our gratitude muscles for these reasons:

A. We have received gifts and we must thank the universe – its gifts are unlimited.

B. We seek to have even more blessings – what is praised increases.

C. We need to serve as role models for our children – if we want them to be grateful we must model for them how to be grateful.

D. Gratitude makes us happy and joyful. It builds our self-esteem and makes our world a wondrous place where we are always seeing more and more blessings.

E. Gratitude makes us serene, it lowers our stress and it helps us to see that all is well in the world we live in. And, it inspires us to acts of kindness.

F. Gratitude brings prosperity because the more we give thanks for the things we have and the more we focus on them, the more we impress our subconscious mind with our bounty. 

Thus the subconscious brings more abundance to us. Like calls to like.

What is gratitude ?

Gratitude is being thankful. Giving thanks fills your world, your consciousness with more awareness of something good in your life. Giving thanks for positive things changes your brain so you physically feel better. Giving thanks for negative things also opens your mind to receiving more good things. Think of a worse situation than yours, and be grateful in order to attract more good into your life. When you think of a worse situation than yours, you can be grateful for your better situation.

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